Monday, August 4, 2008

Biggest Week Ever. (Well, in a while)

The lineup so far...

Monday- Inventory Day, Spin Class, Watch Wrasslin

Tuesday- Day off, Going to Phillips Arena to see live WWE wrestling courtesy of new Biscuit manager and Pro Wrestler Jimmy Wang Yang.

He's an Asian redneck with free tix. Gonna see the Game vs Edge! Unfortunately Ric Flair was recently released. You can catch me on TV Tuesday at 10pm and Friday at 8pm.

Wed- "Day off," Human Rights Campaign Fundraiser Dinner at Cook's Warehouse. Delia wants to preview this Friday's Beer Dinner at the event. I'm the beer guy so I gotta come up with a script.

Thurs- Work in the AM. It's going well. I like the responsibility. Our corporate parents are starting to spend more money on us! We're getting a warmer and an expensive microwave this week! (I'm nerding out)

Friday- Work in the AM, host the Sweetwater Beer Dinner at night. I was asked my the boss guy to do another Beer Dinner, since customers keep asking about it and we've struggled to keep up with those monster sales nights recently. I've tried to integrate Midtown staff and customers more with this dinner. I'm curious to see how it turns out. Apparently we paid too much for the short ribs in the entree, so if you wanna a great value beer dinner, email me!

Saturday- Work brunch. I think Carmen (the crazy love of my life) has free tix to go see Lisa Lampanelli at the Tabernacle. I'll go if it's free.

Sunday- Work Brunch. Marcy Darcy came in last week.

Sorry about all the videos, I was too lazy to get pics to work.