Monday, September 15, 2008


I recently switched to the Gillette Fusion Razor with a new five blade shaving "system." I've only been shaving my head for a little over two years, but I've had difficulty finding the right razor that is sturdy enough to use every other day, yet delicate enough not to butcher my face.

I started with the traditional Bic disposable blade. Cheap razor, cheap shave. I went through two of these per head shaving.

Next I stumbled upon the HeadBlade. It's a razor made especially for bald guys that contours itself to two fingers "gently" gliding across your head. By "gently" I mean "roughly;" and by "roughly" I mean my head look like a crime scene after I finished shaving.

Next. I tried Carmen's razor. Now hear me out- I've always heard guys saying they've gotten the best shave from women's razors. They are more gentle than their masculine Harley-looking counterparts. Just don't tell her. We are making progress in our journey.

Finally, the Mach 3 Fusion. This monster was feared to be too gimmicky. I mean, how many blades can one razor hold? We saw the introduction of the two-bladed razor, then three, then the Quattro with FOUR! The Fusion boasts five incredible, yet safe, blades in one vibrating follicle repelling masterpiece. Skeptical at first, I gave it a try and I fell in love. I didn't need the yellow CAUTION tape left over from my days with the HeadBlade. I encourage any shaver of heads, or faces, for that matter to invest in this miracle gadget. Now for a little proof...