Thursday, January 1, 2009

All too reflective post

With 2008 gone, the easiest blog to write is one which reflects about my last year...

1. I got a promotion at work
After four and a half years at the Biscuit, they sent me to train at new stores (which was way fun) and finally let me become the general manager of the Midtown store at 10th & Piedmont. Eight months in, I realize my job isn't the easiest- economic times are extra burdoning on retail and restaurants. We've made due, however without too many losses. I'm very excited about 2009, because now that we've worked out a couple of kinks
 at the store, we can keep making more money!

2. My nearly 2 year relationship with Carmen ended
Yup, Carmina's gone. We moved in a little too soon in our relationship, and found out we weren't ideal roomies. The realtionship changed too much. Starting out, she was applying to paramedic schools and had all the time in the world for me. That soon ended with a rigorous
 Grady EMS schedule AND going through paramedic school. Our lack of time together made me ultra needy with the few moments we did share. Unfortunately, all she wanted to do was sleep. I
 didn't help situations when I frequently went out and partied a little too hard and left her to pick up the pieces. The end came when she left me a message that she had packed up my stuff after we had an argument at 5AM. I was at work when I got the message and felt so disposable. All I wanted was a little space away from Carmen, but I knew the realtionship was over. Since then, my sister kindly accepted me into her home while I figure things and myself out. 

3. I lived in Decatur, Inman Park, Virginia Highlands, and East Atlanta
I went from living with Regis, to Win, to Carmen, and now my sister and her three roomies. I'd have to say, probably the unhappiest I've been was in the Virginia Highlands. One might say you are a product of your surroundings, but that was one place I could never feel comfortable living in.

4. P moved back to town
Being fresh out of a relationship, I realize I put my close friends on the back burner. P oived back into town almost as quickly as Carmen and I separated. He really helped me with the transition. He has helped me through a pretty bad time in my life, but stood by me nevertheless. Sometimes I forget to thank him, but he deserves a world of gratitude from me.

5. I broke my face
This one almost made it onto the 2009 year in review, but Monday, December 29th I had an "accident" and fell and fractured my jaw in two places. As a result my jaw is wired shut for two weeks (hopefully). The doctor said it was one of the strangest breaks he's seen in 26 years, stating there was no outer abrasions or bruising. He said I got very lucky, because if I had taken the same trauma from the back of my head, I would be paralyzed or die.
This is one of those events that humbled me to a point where I need to change my life. What better time than New Year's right? I need to get serious about my career, friends, family, and my life in 2009. I feel I've been floating for a while now- not knowing what direction to take my life, but I will change. I have bad habits and addictions I need to drop and postive goals to attain. I guess it does take hitting a rock bottom to snap someone back into reality.

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