Monday, January 12, 2009

Just thinking about my two weeks of hell

Yeah, I got a little sad tonight knowing the two most painful weeks of my life will be over tomorrow at noon. The first week was spent fighting the pain from my jaw, and the second was fighting the tension headaches that resulted from my jaw being clenched. The whole time I dreamt about fast food. And I couldn't talk, or yawn, or work out, or drink. Spending so much time alone, you can't help but get a little contemplative. First of all, I'd like to say thank you to Ensure and Boost for the milkshake diet- but not grainy, horrible Fortify Vanilla (this reminded me of the first protein powders I tried back in high school. And believe me, Beefcake Nutrition Science has come a LONG way.). I was happy to find Ensure Butter Pecan flavor, because I was getting way jaded by all things Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate. I'm not a kid anymore, so stop feeding me neopolitan ice cream flavors!!
Thanks also to P, who I've mentioned in an earlier post, for taking care of me. He insisted that he accompany me to the oral surgeon, and quite frankly I was a little scared. The doctors let him go into the debriefing room where I learned my fate. On one visit, one of the nurse attendants noticed me without P (who was parking. Gotta love curbside service) and asked where he was. Looking back, I think they thought we were a couple. In any case, he was able to get me a stronger prescription so it pays off to have a friend nearby in the medical field!
Thank you to my parents for taking me back in for those first horrible few days. Mom even sent me home with enough goodies for a week! I never really got a chance to use the bendy straws, so I might return them. Mom likes her bendy straws.
I also realized how wonderful my staff is at work. They really made me proud. On my sickest day at home, they got a secret shopper who scored their dining expereince that day a 100%. It was a score not yet attained by any Flying Biscuit in the company! Also, in the very same week we made Midtown's highest weekly sales ever at over $40K! That little Biscuit struggles with anything over $35K with its limited space. I knew they worked hard because of the many overtime hours they accumulated! To put it in perspective, that's even busier than Gay Pride/4th of July Week. They were also genuinely caring about my condition. For as nitpicky as I can be at work, these two weeks made me really proud to be their GM. I have a small surprise for them this Sunday...

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