Monday, January 12, 2009

Exciting news!

I think I found a new direction during my time to myself. Firstly, I think I will cut way down on my drinking. It's gotten out of hand too many times to count, and I've needed to do something about it for a while. I think the problem was that I was just floating around in my life. I am comfortable with my job, but I need a little more stimulation. I have set two goals (oh my God, he has goals now!) 

The first is a Physical Goal. I want to commit two months to a boxing class. Now, I know this really isn't wise for a guy just coming off of a fractured jaw. I took classes a couple of years ago at KnuckleUp Fitness and you'd be surprised how NONcontact it was. You only fight (or spar) each other if you're an amateur boxer or if you have progressed a while through the class. I did not fight anybody. One thing I disliked about the class were the little 21yr old punks there to fight each other and show off, and not workout. I've found this Philly-style boxing gym, the Decatur Boxing Club, just around the corner. I like it because it takes an old school approach to boxing. It seems like they appreciate the sport more, than the mixed martial arts chain for UFC wannabes. Seeing how I'm coming off the milkshake diet gives me a foundation to build more muscle. If you haven't seen me lately, I'm down to 205lbs from 2225lbs before I broke my jaw. That's a little too thin for my liking.  The boxing gym will add a little stress relief to my schedule.

My second goal is a Mental Goal. I've signed up for an information session later this month for business school at Georgia State. Seeing how the economy is in a slump presents a great time to build my resume. I have great managerial experience with my five years at The Flying Biscuit, and I need to know what else is out there- whether it is in the restaurant field or elsewhere. I plan on doing this while keeping my job, however. I tried this once my senior year in college when I worked a full time shift manager schedule at Buffalo's Cafe and I was a full time Emory undergrad. That year was actually my best academic year of the four! It seems as if I am better at managing a full schedule than one that affords me lots of time to goof around and get into trouble. This business school thing does have me a little scared. It's been awhile since I've been immersed in Academia. I think the degree I'm gunning for is the Professional Master of Business Administration (PMBA). The courses meet every other Thursday (5pm-9pm) and Saturday (all day) and takes two years. The cost however, will double my already accumulated college debt.  I guess I'll go two steps foward then one step back. 

Just thinking about my two weeks of hell

Yeah, I got a little sad tonight knowing the two most painful weeks of my life will be over tomorrow at noon. The first week was spent fighting the pain from my jaw, and the second was fighting the tension headaches that resulted from my jaw being clenched. The whole time I dreamt about fast food. And I couldn't talk, or yawn, or work out, or drink. Spending so much time alone, you can't help but get a little contemplative. First of all, I'd like to say thank you to Ensure and Boost for the milkshake diet- but not grainy, horrible Fortify Vanilla (this reminded me of the first protein powders I tried back in high school. And believe me, Beefcake Nutrition Science has come a LONG way.). I was happy to find Ensure Butter Pecan flavor, because I was getting way jaded by all things Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate. I'm not a kid anymore, so stop feeding me neopolitan ice cream flavors!!
Thanks also to P, who I've mentioned in an earlier post, for taking care of me. He insisted that he accompany me to the oral surgeon, and quite frankly I was a little scared. The doctors let him go into the debriefing room where I learned my fate. On one visit, one of the nurse attendants noticed me without P (who was parking. Gotta love curbside service) and asked where he was. Looking back, I think they thought we were a couple. In any case, he was able to get me a stronger prescription so it pays off to have a friend nearby in the medical field!
Thank you to my parents for taking me back in for those first horrible few days. Mom even sent me home with enough goodies for a week! I never really got a chance to use the bendy straws, so I might return them. Mom likes her bendy straws.
I also realized how wonderful my staff is at work. They really made me proud. On my sickest day at home, they got a secret shopper who scored their dining expereince that day a 100%. It was a score not yet attained by any Flying Biscuit in the company! Also, in the very same week we made Midtown's highest weekly sales ever at over $40K! That little Biscuit struggles with anything over $35K with its limited space. I knew they worked hard because of the many overtime hours they accumulated! To put it in perspective, that's even busier than Gay Pride/4th of July Week. They were also genuinely caring about my condition. For as nitpicky as I can be at work, these two weeks made me really proud to be their GM. I have a small surprise for them this Sunday...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

All too reflective post

With 2008 gone, the easiest blog to write is one which reflects about my last year...

1. I got a promotion at work
After four and a half years at the Biscuit, they sent me to train at new stores (which was way fun) and finally let me become the general manager of the Midtown store at 10th & Piedmont. Eight months in, I realize my job isn't the easiest- economic times are extra burdoning on retail and restaurants. We've made due, however without too many losses. I'm very excited about 2009, because now that we've worked out a couple of kinks
 at the store, we can keep making more money!

2. My nearly 2 year relationship with Carmen ended
Yup, Carmina's gone. We moved in a little too soon in our relationship, and found out we weren't ideal roomies. The realtionship changed too much. Starting out, she was applying to paramedic schools and had all the time in the world for me. That soon ended with a rigorous
 Grady EMS schedule AND going through paramedic school. Our lack of time together made me ultra needy with the few moments we did share. Unfortunately, all she wanted to do was sleep. I
 didn't help situations when I frequently went out and partied a little too hard and left her to pick up the pieces. The end came when she left me a message that she had packed up my stuff after we had an argument at 5AM. I was at work when I got the message and felt so disposable. All I wanted was a little space away from Carmen, but I knew the realtionship was over. Since then, my sister kindly accepted me into her home while I figure things and myself out. 

3. I lived in Decatur, Inman Park, Virginia Highlands, and East Atlanta
I went from living with Regis, to Win, to Carmen, and now my sister and her three roomies. I'd have to say, probably the unhappiest I've been was in the Virginia Highlands. One might say you are a product of your surroundings, but that was one place I could never feel comfortable living in.

4. P moved back to town
Being fresh out of a relationship, I realize I put my close friends on the back burner. P oived back into town almost as quickly as Carmen and I separated. He really helped me with the transition. He has helped me through a pretty bad time in my life, but stood by me nevertheless. Sometimes I forget to thank him, but he deserves a world of gratitude from me.

5. I broke my face
This one almost made it onto the 2009 year in review, but Monday, December 29th I had an "accident" and fell and fractured my jaw in two places. As a result my jaw is wired shut for two weeks (hopefully). The doctor said it was one of the strangest breaks he's seen in 26 years, stating there was no outer abrasions or bruising. He said I got very lucky, because if I had taken the same trauma from the back of my head, I would be paralyzed or die.
This is one of those events that humbled me to a point where I need to change my life. What better time than New Year's right? I need to get serious about my career, friends, family, and my life in 2009. I feel I've been floating for a while now- not knowing what direction to take my life, but I will change. I have bad habits and addictions I need to drop and postive goals to attain. I guess it does take hitting a rock bottom to snap someone back into reality.