Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday Weekend and more

Just to catch you up on things....

- This is my second week over at the Midtown Biscuit and everything is GREAT! The staff is wonderful, though we need to work on a few things. The customers love me. I met a trapeze duo.

- My car failed its emissions test and will cost me $650 to get out of the shop.

All this aside, it's my birthday weekend! Carmen had a great weekend planned until her dad and brother dropped in to stay with her. I invited them to the Biscuit on Saturday morning to meet them for the first time. They were very friendly (probably because I softened them up with mimosas). Really, her family really seems like cool folks.

Later on they wanted to grab dinner at Houston's. I thought about it and reccommended that we go to the 5 Seasons Brewery on Roswell Rd. After getting a little lost on a "tour" we had a great dinner. Great beer, great food, and my gf's wonderful family. They really made me feel very welcome.

The next day we all grabbed lunch a Johnny's Pizza then walked dow to the Inman Park Festival, one of the biggest festivals and artist's makets in Atlanta. We walked all over my neighborhood admiring the houses and arts & crafts. The guys seemed to be having a little fun. Every so often someone would tap me on the shoulder and remind me of all the people I've encountered in this city over the years. I had a really great birthday meeting Carmen's folks, even though we had other plans. I was a little nervous about meeting her family, but they were so accepting of me.

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