Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday Weekend and more

Just to catch you up on things....

- This is my second week over at the Midtown Biscuit and everything is GREAT! The staff is wonderful, though we need to work on a few things. The customers love me. I met a trapeze duo.

- My car failed its emissions test and will cost me $650 to get out of the shop.

All this aside, it's my birthday weekend! Carmen had a great weekend planned until her dad and brother dropped in to stay with her. I invited them to the Biscuit on Saturday morning to meet them for the first time. They were very friendly (probably because I softened them up with mimosas). Really, her family really seems like cool folks.

Later on they wanted to grab dinner at Houston's. I thought about it and reccommended that we go to the 5 Seasons Brewery on Roswell Rd. After getting a little lost on a "tour" we had a great dinner. Great beer, great food, and my gf's wonderful family. They really made me feel very welcome.

The next day we all grabbed lunch a Johnny's Pizza then walked dow to the Inman Park Festival, one of the biggest festivals and artist's makets in Atlanta. We walked all over my neighborhood admiring the houses and arts & crafts. The guys seemed to be having a little fun. Every so often someone would tap me on the shoulder and remind me of all the people I've encountered in this city over the years. I had a really great birthday meeting Carmen's folks, even though we had other plans. I was a little nervous about meeting her family, but they were so accepting of me.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

my vacation in philly

This is day three in philly. I've been here once before, only briefly in high school. I've already had two cheesesteaks- Rick's in Reading Terminal and at the Fourth Street Deli. I've seen Rocky, been to the Art Museum, walked up the Rocky steps, eaten in Chinatown, strolled through the Italian Market, and chilled at Fairmont Park.

Philly's a cool place and all, but the weather is always overcast. The people seem beaten down and lack southern hospitality. I will say, however, the food is GREAT! We've walked around the city to get INCREDIBLE pizza and cheesesteaks all over the city. All the neighborhood bars are so inviting and full of history. It's been a great trip so far, and I'm very glad to see my buddy Justin.

Monday, April 7, 2008

my wonderful day or why carmen should stay in this house and rock my world

I had a great day today. I wanted to spend the day with Carmen before I went off to Philly the next morning. Finding a gap in her crazy schedule, I wanted to make the most of it. It all started when I went to Carmen's this morning after she got off of work at 5AM. We lounged around for a bit and got some lunch at Taqueria Del Sol on Cheshire Bridge.

I never really understood why people waited so long in line for this place but it was AMAZING! The margarita was good, and the tacos were excellent!

After that, we went to Phipps to see Stop-Loss with Ryan Phillipe. I liked it, but Carmen was blah about it. Next we had treats at Zestos. Carmen grabbed a nap before her 8pm overnight shift and I headed to the gym for spin and abs class with a bunch of overweight people. Soon thereafter it was rum at Little Five Package (where I saw Rachael Sopo) and then to the house to shave my head and watch wrasslin.

I had an awesome day with my girlfriend. I told her I could not wait to move in with her so we can be closer with each other. If this were Brett Michael's VH1 reality show "Rock of Love" (one of our favorite shows), I'd definately give her a VIP Pass to stay in my life and Rock My World.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Last Day at Candler Park

This was my last shift as assistant GM of the Candler Park Biscuit. I expected it to affect me more, since I had already cried in front of my staff at the last server meeting. It was a normal busy brunch. Nothing really special. I gave out hugs to people I would miss, and made them promise to visit me. If it is one thing that I can contribute to my new GM of Midtown gig it's forming a stronger relationship between the two original "corporate" stores.

Still, however, I remembered my first day; my interview on the patio with Calvin (the GM at the time) and founder, Delia Champion. I was 22 and right out of college. I played up the whole child of the neighborhood role since I was born in Candler Park and raised in Decatur. They took a chance on me, and I think they won a great employee. I met so many great customers and staff that I have problems recalling all of them when I bump into them around town. I watched the Biscuit grow from a disorganized little Cafe in the neighborhood to a little less disorganized breakfast chain.

I sat tonight in the same seat at the counter when I ate my first (free) Flying Biscuit meal- three huge organic oatmeal pancakes with peach compote- after my interview.

Four and a half years later I was sitting in the same place, but I had grown so much.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

some of my favorite things (part 1): Krystals

Yeah. Fresh Hot Small Square. Love it any time of day. My only bad experience was one morning at 4AM and they were closed, yes the 24 hour Krystals was closed. That doesn't stop me from going, however.


ahhh. I hate Kanye.

What's old is new again. Who sings the original song?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

yo Philly!

I'm really looking foward to my vacation next week. I've probably missed three vacations in the past three years just due to working so much. It's like you turn around and another year has passed. This year I plan to visit my best bud Justin up in Philadephia. He moved up there last year and I've always wanted to go up to see him. Also, it's great timing because I can clear my head before leaping into my new promotion as GM of the Midtown Biscuit.

I told Justin I want to visit some cool spots like the Rocky steps (supposedly a mile away from his apartment), Pat's King Of Steaks, and probably a Phillies game. It'll be fun; and it's no coincidence I'm visiting in the Spring. I hate cold weather.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

out with the old, in with the new

i spent the day with jackson in midtown today. it was my day off. i enjoyed getting to know the cooks, the servers (greg is my evil unfunny twin), and the customers. One girl travelled for the pancakes. i hope i can be an inspirational boss. ps yeah, i met the mayor of gay atl today at the gym. hopefully we can mash ideas.